Workout the the Week: Total Body Kettlebell

This weeks WOW workout is a total body Kettlebell Crusher!  These 5 exercises will help elevate your heart rate, burn calories, build muscle, and melt fat! Do all five exercise for 1 round and repeat  2-3 times total. Rest about 30 seconds in between sets.  Have a great workout!!

Personal trainer at home workout


1. Kettlebell Swings 15 reps

Keep the chest up during the movement and try to generate all power/momentum with your hips.

in home kettlebell workout
In Home Workout Kettlebell swing

2. Kettlebell squat punches 15 reps

kettlebell squat to punch in home workout
in home workout kettlebell squat

3. Kettlebell Rows 15 reps/arm

Squeeze hold at the top of the movement 

Rows with Kettlebell in home workout
kettlebell in home personal training

4. KB forward lunge to reverse lunge 30 reps

in home personal training lunges
In Home personal training reverse lunges

5. KB sumo squat to high pull 15 reps


personal training sumo squat to high pull
personal training sumo squat to high pull 2


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