Workout the the Week: Dumbbell Destruction!

This weeks workout is a dumbbell circuit! It is going to be a total body, heart rate elevating, fat burning circuit that is guaranteed to get you sweating! Have fun and feel free to share the workout or video.

Baron Lambert Personal Trainer

The point of this workout is for it to be high volume, a lot of reps, and to keep the heart rate elevated. The workout should last about 3 round.  Keep the rest short in between exercises and one you finish the cycle take a longer break before starting over. Find a pair of dumbbells either at home or at the gym that would be moderate weight for you.  *Note* the lateral raises might have to have lighter weights to accomplish the movement properly. 


1. Chest Fly to Skullcrusher 15 reps

Personal Trainer doing Chest Flye

2. Renegade Rows 30 Reps (15 each arm)

Do your best to keep your hips from rolling over. 

Personal Trainer Renegade Rows

3. Shoulder Lateral Raise w/ Trunk Rotation 15 cycles

Twist Both Directions per cycle

in-home trainer lateral raises
in home trainer trunk rotations

4. Deadlift to Bicep Curl 20 Reps

Personal Trainer Deadlifting
Trainer Bicep Curls

5. Wall Sit + Bicep Curls 20 Curls

Wall Sit Workout