Workout the the Week: Resistance Bands

This weeks workout is a Total Body Resistance band workout. The benefit of this workout is it can be done anywhere! As long as you have a place to hook up the band you are ready! Have fun and feel free to share the workout or video.

In-home Personal Trainer Jessica


1. Squat to Row 15-20 reps

In Home Personal Trainer Squat
In Home Personal Trainer Rows

2. Standing Bicep Curls 15-20 reps

Can do curls alternating or together.

In Home Personal Trainer Bicep Curls

3. Tricep Kickbacks 15-20 reps

Standing on the band from the bottom, lock the arms in at the side, kickback those arms 

in home personal trainer triceps
in home personal trainer triceps

4. Band Squat to Overheard Press         15-20 reps

In home personal trainer Squat to Press
In Home personal trainer OHP

5. Shoulder Upright Rows 15-20 reps

in home workout upright rows
In Home training upright rows

Repeat workout 3-4 rounds

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