Workout the the Week: Abs Circuit

This weeks WOW workout is a killer ab circuit.  Each exercise should be timed for 1 minute each and rest about 45-60seconds in between each exercise. If at any point the 1 minute is too long, rest for a second, and get back up and keep trying.  Push yourself, we believe in you!

Personal Trainer Jessica Abs Circuit


1. Low Plank 1 minute

Make sure to breathe! If you need to rest drop to a knee. Couple breaths. Get back up and GO!

Personal Trainer Planks

2. Mountain Climbers 1 min

Cycle those legs as fast as you can keeping the core tight and driving those knees toward the opposite wrist. 

Personal Trainer Mountain climbers

3. Scissor/Flutter Kicks 30-30sec.

Scissor kicks the legs move out then in crossing the feet over.  Flutter kicks the legs go straight up and down.

personal trainer flutter kicks

4. Leg raises with Side/Side drop 1 min.

personal trainer legs raises abs
personal trainer abs side drop

5. V-Sit Up

Modified version is with hands back and on ground.  As you get stronger bring hands up toward your chest. 

personal trainer v-sit up
personal trainer v-sit up abs


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