We bring the gym to you: 

Top Tier Fitness is changing the industry by providing the highest quality personal trainers to the convenience of your home. Our mission is to provide a luxury service to the Bay Area for those who don’t have time for the gym, are intimidated by, or just enjoy the outdoors .We bring the gym to wherever you are! There is no need for gym memberships or to own equipment. Our elite trainers are highly skilled and extremely creative at giving you the best workouts anywhere. 


Who we are:

We are a powerful team of educated young professionals dedicated to promoting health and fitness throughout the entire Bay Area.  When working with a Top Tier personal trainer you’re getting more than just a workout.  You are getting an all-encompassing friend to guide you through exercise, nutrition, wellness, stress reduction, and much more.  There is a reason why we have been voted Best in the Bay Area two years in a row by Thumbtack, have more than 70 5-star reviews about our trainers, and will continue to be the leader for in-home personal training.  We are truly dedicated to your success.  By staying up on the latest information, trends, and techniques within the fitness industry ensures that our team will continue to provide the highest quality service to all of our clients year to year. 


                                               Workouts Anywhere! Local Parks, In-office, or at-home


   Heres a brief intro into working with a Top Tier Trainer for an outdoor session