*Chris demolished his weight loss goals! A man who has not only changed his body but his entire lifestyle for the better. He has been training with Baron for nearly 2 years now. It was a long journey but the outcome          was worth it.

Total tranformation stats:

Starting weight: 232 lbs 33% body fat Weight to date: 170 lbs 16.4% body fat    Total Weight loss: -62 pounds, -17% BF


*Client Arush is all smiles at the beach after losing 14 pounds and gaining plenty of muscle while training with Marcos.  Looking forward to more progress pictures of him in the future!

*Diet and Consistency in the gym can lead to positive results at any age.  Client Tom enjoying the rewards of hard work while showing off his pants size difference from 46 to 34. One of Top Tier Fitness favorite people, Awesome job Tom!



Chris worked with Baron for 6 months and completely changed his body and attitude towards health and fitness. He found new strengths through weight lifting and began the process of a healthy new lifestyle. We are very proud of his success!

Total Transformation Stats:

Starting weight: 234 pounds 24% body fat  Weight to date: 208 pounds 16% body fat   Total weight loss: -26 pounds -8% BF



After some big personal changes happened, client Steven decided to take a leap towards the best change and adopted health and fitness back into his life.  Being very dedicated and working with Justin he was able to transform his body in just 4 months and gained massive amounts of confidence and strength. 

Total transformation stats:

Starting weight August 15' : 196 pounds Final weight end November 15': 159 pounds Total weight loss: -37 pounds






*Personal training Disclaimer. Working with a personal trainer does not guarantee the results above.  Results above are not from hiring a personal trainer alone but from consistent exercise, proper diet, and lifestyle changes.*