-NASM Certified Personal Trainer

-CPR/AED certified


-Weight loss/Body composition change

-Nutrition for weight loss

-In home or outdoors circuit training

-Muscle gain/hypertrophy

Biography:  My name is Rabbie Mulimine, a certified personal trainer from Zambia, Africa. Growing up I wasn't exposed much to real fitness training. Curling and pressing whatever we could find around the house is how we worked out. The first time I ever entered a real gym was when I first went to college in Florida, and from then on I slowly started to develop a passion for fitness. As months went by my passion for working out grew stronger each day. Before I knew it I was addicted to fitness and staying in shape. Throughout the years I have had friends, family, and just random people ask me for help in achieving their fitness goals. The thought of being a personal trainer as a profession never really crossed my mind until my sister asked me “why not build a career doing what you love to do?” Eventually I decided to go to school and get certified to begin my career as a personal trainer. My main goal as a trainer is too help others achieve there fitness goals and to stay physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. So come along and let’s enjoy this not so easy but rewarding adventure together because you only “Reap what you sow".



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