Dedicated to Your Success!

"Have been working with Baron for 7 months now. As a 48 year old he has gotten me back to where I was 25 years ago.  I'm down 30 pounds and body fat under 20%! He keeps it fresh and shortens those painful "plateaus " that keep you from your goals. I can't recommend Top Tier enough. Make the change now, If I can do it anyone can."

-Jim G. Concord, Ca

" At First I could barely get through 20 min, now my strength is and cardio is at an all time best. Jessica has become a wonderful friend and confidant. I don't know how I would continue my fitness journey without her."

- Amanda J. San Francisco

"I've had many trainers over the years. Never had anyone as professional, knowledgeable, and applies the right amount of motivation as Marcos...We have trained for 8 months and exceeded all of my weight loss and muscle gain goals, Without injury!...he has changed my life!"

- Arush S. San Francisco


"Baron is the Best! It took me a while to get back into the groove but working 3 times a week for 6 months now the results are amazing! I started out at 234 pounds and 24% body fat and now I am 208 pounds at 16% body fat.  I can feel my abs! I feel that Baron is one of the best in-home personal trainers in  San Francisco, maybe the whole Bay Area. Thanks again."

-Chris A. San Francisco

"Karen is Awesome. She makes you feel comfortable no matter your fitness level. I struggled before with my weight so its great having someone so encouraging, makes me feel like I can really do it! Karen has been a true supporter of my goals from day one."

-Tamika P. Antioch, Ca.

"Marcos set the bar high. He is an awesome trainer . Always on time and quick to think on his feet to adapt a routine to my needs. Its been only 6 sessions I'm seeing results! I went from being able to not plank at all to being able to plank for 1 min. 

-Robert C. San Francisco