Ignite Your Summer Weight Loss With These 7 Tips

With Summer quickly approaching the desire to feel comfortable and confident in our bodies becomes more and more prevalent.  Poolside and Beach season is the perfect time to showcase all the hard work we've been putting into your body. Whether your an avid gym goer or looking to get started,  these 7 tips we hope to IGNITE your weightless and physique and help you feel your best when wearing less. 

#1 Control your portions: Food Log for success

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o   Learning food portions is crucial into the success of your weight loss program and maintenance.  Blindly guessing how much you should eat per meal is an easy way to get yourself into trouble especially if your trying to create a caloric deficit. Recommendations:

o   1. Read the label: Find out the ratio of calories per serving size.  Then figure out what that service size is! For example some cereals provide nutritional facts based on ¾ cup rather than 1 cup.  Also how many cups of that cereal are you really eating, measure it!

o   For 3 days straight write down everything you eat and drink.  From there we can use tools such as Myfitnesspal.com to input those foods to get a good idea of how many calories you’re actually consuming daily


#2 Get out and be active!

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o   Hiking, bike ride, swimming, shoot hoops, tennis

o   Now that the weather is more suitable for being outdoors lets get out there and get moving! Finding an hour during your day to get out and do something fun could help you burn an extra 250-500+ calories based on your activity. A nice hike with your friends, shooting hoops at the local park, or chasing tennis balls while playing are a great way to mix it up from the gym and burn some calories while hopefully having some fun.  

o   Best Hikes of the Bay Area: https://www.thrillist.com/lifestyle/san-francisco/san-francisco-bay-area-hikes-with-beautiful-views


#3 Drink more water

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o   –As the temperatures start to heat up this year water will become your best friend in your weight loss journey. Being properly hydrated provides adequate delivery of nutrients throughout your body.  Effects of dehydration can start at only 2% water loss and as you lose more water through sweat and exertion it can lead to reduced motivation and increased fatigue making exercise and normal activity feel more difficult.  Drinking water before or during meals has also been shown to help you feel satiated leading to you eating less. 

o   Recommendations for daily water intake

- 8-12 cups or 64-96 fl ounces pending daily activity

Spice up your water by infusing it with strawberries, peach slices, cucumbers, watermelon and basil, oranges, and even mint leaves.  Get creative and make water fun this summer!

#4 Lift some weights

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o   If you are not doing some sort of weight lifting program already we definitely recommend doing so! Muscle maintenance or growth is a huge contributing factor to metabolism. If you think about what you’re doing all day (walking, talking, exercising, household chores etc.) you are using your muscles constantly.  If through a strength training you can gain some muscle it will help you burn those extra calories daily, help you shape up, and help you gain the figure you’re looking to accomplish.

o   If you’re new to weight training or want to spice up your routine please try out one of our elite personal trainers for a free 1 hour fitness consultation. 



#5 Add more fruits and vegetables

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o   I’m sure you’ve heard this before many times before but this is crucial to any healthy lifestyle.  Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet can easily cut down in calorie consumption, keep you full, and are nutrient dense to help promote a healthy metabolism.  We call adding fruits or veggies to your diet “fluffing it up.” For example you can take a simple 1 cup portion of brown rice (220 calories) cut that portion in half to (110 calories)… Fluff it up with some onions, bell peppers and tomatoes (50 calories est.) to create a more nutrient dense, lower calorie version of that same rice dish.  Fruits and veggies are also fiber rich foods, which help promote healthy digestion and keep you full longer



#6 Reduce alcohol consumption

personal trainer recommendation for alcohol

o   BBQ’s and Summer gatherings are a definitely a huge hit this time of year.  Although, often times your waistline can take that hit if you’re not careful about the alcohol you consume during those parties.  I saw an advertisement the other day for a “99 calorie” light beer…which is great sure if you have just one! Imagine spending half the day lounging poolside with some friends and you put down 4 or 5 beers.  Now with a “light beer “ you’ve taken in 400-500 calories that aren’t doing you any good.  A typical drink serving (beer, wine, or shot) on average contains about 110-130 calories.  Our recommendation if you are to be drinking is maybe alternate alcoholic beverages with water. 



#7 Find a local personal trainer to help you!

o   A personal trainers job is to not yell and scream at you to exercise but to get an overall understanding of what your lifestyle and goals are and provide a comprehensive approach to how you will reach your goals.  A great personal trainer will be able to provide you with effective workouts that are goal orientated, (strength, fat loss, mobility etc.) provide nutritional recommendations and structure to your diet, as well as all the motivation and attention you need to be successful.  Our mission is to help you create a healthy/active lifestyle that’s sustainable. 

Get started towards your fitness goals today with a Free 1-hour Fitness Consulation with a Top Tier Fitness Personal Trainer

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