How to Stay Fit and Lose Weight This Holiday Season


     The holiday season is often a scary time for people trying to maintain or lose weight. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New years right around the corner it can be a tough to keep up with all the fun and stay fit at the same time. The fun parties, huge feasts, and delicious treats can be overwhelmingly tempting and detrimental to your goals. With the overall goal of preventing excess weight gain here are a few suggestions s to keep you fit and lean during the holiday season!

1. Control Portions

Portion Sizes Weight Loss

Portion control is half the battle when dealing with big holiday feasts! If you’re one to have a little taste of everything during holiday dinners' there might be a good way to organize what goes on to your plate.

1. Start off by eating a salad:  This is a great way to get something into your stomach to take up some space before the heavy eating begins. 

2. Stick with the proteins: Proteins such as turkey, ham, and sometimes fish during the holidays with help fill you up as well and control your appetite. 

3. Do your best to limit the extra carbs:  Its always easy to pile in just one more bread roll but will it be that easy to burn those calories off?  More typically than not we become sedentary during holiday events mingling and chatting so do your best to limit the extra carbohydrates ie (pastas, garlic bread, sweet potatoes etc.) 

*An ideal plate during Thanksgiving for me would look like:  50% of the plate my proteins spread out, 25% veggies such as green bean casserole, 25% sweet potatoes or pastas.* 

2. Continue or being strength/circuit training program

As time becomes scarce during the holidays the reliance on Quick Workouts that are effective and high intensity will go along way.  The overall goal to would be to continue to build or maintain muscle to help keep your metabolism churning.Remember the more muscle your have the more calories you'll burn on a daily basis. Total body circuit training or split day weight training routines are a great way to burn off extra calories and  keep the muscles growing.  


3. Watch what you drink!


Food is not always the only problem!  More often than not the holidays are a time to celebrate and with that means alcohol.  Having a glass of wine with a meal sounds great if your only having one glass of wine! As the evenings roll on and the alcohol starts to flow its easy to stack up calories.  For example an average glass of wine, a 6 oz pour, can range in calories from 110-200kcals.  If you're drinking multiple glasses of wine, or any holiday cocktail for that matter, you can start to see how this could become a caloric issue. My suggestion would be to pace yourself with the drinking and to drink water in between servings of alcohol.  This will help not only to keep you hydrated but hopefully keep your calorie count down.

4. Find a Friend to keep you on track

The holiday season is all about spending time with friends and family. Finding someone you know who has similar goals as you might prove to be the most effective weight management tool. Having a friend to help you stay honest with your eating, pick you up when your struggling to get a workout in, or just provides motivation will definitely improve your chances of staying fit this holiday season. Everyone overeats at some point it is inevitable this time of year. With the buddy system you can keep track of each other and give that extra boost of motivation to do one more workout during the week, to eat clean the day before a big party, and to help keep you fit during the holiday season.


If you're lacking that buddy everyone here at Top Tier Fitness would love to provide that support.  Just follow our Facebook page or send us an email with questions.  Thanks for reading and stay lean this holiday season!

Best of Luck and Happy Holidays,

Team Top Tier Fitness!