How to build a gym At-Home for under $200!

Everything you need to lose weight and build muscle

     Working out at home can be just as effective as going to the gym.  In order to provide you with the best at-home workout experience we wanted to give you a list of all the tools to get the most out of your workouts, anywhere!  You don't need gigantic at-home gym setups, squat racks, or a workout bench.  With these 5 pieces of equipment you can create killer workouts to effectively build muscle, strength, and become a Fat Burning Machine! All of which is less that $200 total and in the convenience of your home.

TNT Resistance band cable system 30$

     The TNT cable system comes with a door mount and 3 interchangeable resistance bands creating roughly 50 lbs of resistance.  If at any point you need more tension to improve your strength you can purchase add on bands of up to 100 lbs each.  This cable system can be used for any movement in a total body workout: Chest press, Rows, Squat to press, bicep curls, tricep pressdown and MUCH MORE! 


Adjustable Kettlebell $50

     You can find this great addition to your home gym at Dicks Sporting goods.   Kettlebells are great for total body workouts to improve conditioning, fat loss, and muscle strength.  The adjustable KB can range from weights 15-60lbs with the purchase of extra plates ($10 each).  My favorite exercises are the KB swing, KB squat to upright row, single arm rows, and single arm overhead press.  Get creative to melt that fat away!


Dummbells $35

     Having a pair of dumbbells around the house is always helpful.  They can be utilized for any exercise from squats to core trunk rotations.  Throwing dumbbell exercises into a circuit will help you increase your strength, gain muscle, and become a fat burning machine! 


Yoga Mat + Medicine Ball $50

    The final pieces of equipment to grab are a simple yoga mat and an 8-10lb medicine ball.  You want to have a soft surface on the ground while you are grinding away doing core workouts such as leg raises, flutter kicks, PLANKS! In addition utilizing the medicine ball for core trunk rotations, weighted sit-ups, or for the advanced mountain climbers on the ball! To finish out a great workout you'll need a yoga mat to stretch out those tight muscles. 

GRAND TOTAL $165 !!!

     Now its time to build a perfect in-home gym for yourself.   All of the photos above link up to the website where you can purchase them.  For workout advice and tips on how to utilize this equipment please follow us on Facebook or Instagram at Top Tier Fitness. If you want personal help we can bring all this equipment to your house as well.  Contact us today to schedule a Complimentary Fitness Orientation with one of our elite in-home personal trainers!


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